Rivulet Pecan Artisan Liqueur Plants Roots in American Luxury

When retired lawyer James B. Marshall set out to start a company of his own, it was important that he developed a product that provided a world-class experience.   His vision was to create an experience that resembled his own having traveled the world as well as living outside of the U.S. while working in the legal department for corporate giant 3M.

“Living outside of the country gave me exposure to different types of foods and flavors,” said Marshall, who has resided in New Zealand and South Africa. Over time he came to discover that it was the seasonings that made cuisines standout from one another; the seasonings created the unforgettable flavors that stayed with him. The more he traveled, the more information he unknowingly took in and later retrieved as he began working on his luxury spirit, Rivulet Pecan Artisan Liqueur. “All of it kind of came together and of course I didn’t realize what that exposure was doing to me from an entrepreneur standpoint. It was information that I was picking up and storing away.”

Growing up in Louisville, Ky., home of many drink industry leaders, Marshall’s memories of spirits go back to when his mother would have them around for the holidays. Outside of that, he was introduced to world-class wines as he traveled and lived around the world. The return to his hometown was a natural one as he set out to create a product that was American, artisan and versatile with any luxury lifestyle. Marshall’s choice to use pecans is an example of Rivulet’s American roots as 95 of the world’s pecan supply is grown and harvested in the United States.

The abundance of resources, as well as the infrastructure for spirit companies in Kentucky, provided a dotted line to key experts Marshall needed to bring Rivulet to life and to market. This includes companies and individuals who specialize in flavors and Marshall knows that just as flavors are essential to an unforgettable culinary experience, they will be as important in setting Rivulet apart from other liqueurs.

Together with some of the top industry experts and 180 blends later, Marshall found the right tasting profile that would create the world-class liqueur that is now available in four states: Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, and Indiana. The goal is to be available throughout the U.S. over the next four years. Marshall’s experience working for 3M provided an innovative environment that he credits for giving him the wisdom to know that sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to the first time but they will if you keep trying. “The advantage of working for a big company such as 3M is that it allows for innovation and you learn not to fear failure and it is an opportunity to do it all over again and get it right,” says Marshall who says the very first blend for Rivulet was awful.

Rivulet, which means “small stream” in English, is an expression of small-batch distilling using all natural products. Marshall notes that the brand is the only fair-trade liqueur and one of two with the distinction of being a fair-trade spirit in the country.

After experiencing the artisan luxury liqueur, you’ll quickly agree that Marshall has accomplished his vision inside the 750ml bottle that embeds the “dendrite sphere,” Rivulet’s icon that “brings peacefulness and serenity to those who contemplate its origins.” With a closer look, you’ll see those origins of the pecans expressed through the tree branches and roots found in nature.

Wonderfully expressive on the palate with a smooth finish, Rivulet is best enjoyed unmixed in a bourbon glass or served “neat,” as they say in the mixology world. Recipes online cater to one’s creativity with Rivulet Ginger Pecan receiving high marks on our end. Browse the more than 30 cocktail recipes online or be inspired to create your own.

Cooking with Rivulet is another great way to experience the liqueur. From bread pudding to sauces and glazes, if you love the taste of pecans, you will love how Rivulet enhances the flavors of many dishes. Be sure to also check out the more than 20 culinary recipes online.

From the moment of conception to the award-winning brand that it is today, Rivulet is a classic American artisan liqueur intended to be enjoyed with the finer things in life.

Also available online through Hi-Time Wine Cellars, you can find more information about Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur at www.rivulet.com. For product updates, upcoming events and more, follow Marshall on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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