Savoring Family Traditions

Savoring Family Traditions

Savoring Family TraditionsFamily traditions can be as simple as passing down a pound cake recipe or as elaborate as a yearly family reunion comprised of relatives from around the country.

My family places a lot of emphasis on strong Christian morals and close family ties. Our tradition of weekly Sunday dinners, yearly Easter egg hunts, and a game night gathering on Christmas Eve, fosters family togetherness. These special times afford opportunities for the elders to share family history and genealogy.

It is important to preserve family traditions. Traditions bridge the gap between generations and create a sense of identity. With the advancement of technology, family histories can be recorded through photos and videos. Passing down family practices from generation to generation helps create fond memories and cherished events.

Besides important family traditions, what values are you passing on? Life skills and values that are taught through training, love and example are instrumental in molding your child’s display of manners and decorum. Some fundamental values that can be taught to facilitate strong social graces are: Respect for elders, conversational courtesies, and good behavior at home and in public places. Emphasizing good family values not only cultivates respectable social acceptance, but contributes to making or creating a respectable family heritage.

On the other hand, perhaps the continuances of your family traditions are causing undesirable demands on you and other family members. Ceasing or making changes to long standing family traditions can be stressful and challenging. Handle these decisions with caution and respect.

Explain any need for change and approach the discussion positively. Make the changes with the help of others and ensure all family members are involved in the decision making process. Finally, offer alternative suggestions and be open to the ideas of others.

Family traditions provide an avenue for carrying on values and communicating with future generations. Cherish those special moments!

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