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As much as I love wine, I have to admit it doesn’t always love me back the same way, especially the older I get.  Depending on what I drink, how much and when, my body often reminds me at times to take it easy.

As people all over the world continue to enjoy drinking wine professionally as well as socially, there is always a new accessory or gadget being introduced to make those experiences even more memorable. This past April, Cork Pops teamed up with the makers of StiQit, a consumer-friendly sulfite removal device created to help manage any sulfite sensitivities that can take the pleasure out drinking one’s favorite glass or bottle of wine.

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StiQit sulfite removal device in glass of white wine
Photo: StiQit

Sulfites, more specifically sulfur dioxide (SO2), is a preservative used in winemaking to prevent oxidization and slow down the aging of wine so it doesn’t go bad.  For years, the preservative has been linked to upset stomachs, nasal congestion, itchiness, low blood pressure and skin rashes among some reactions with wine consumption. This has led many to look for ways to lessen or even eliminate these side effects.  That is where StiQit comes into the picture.

The little device that looks similar to a bubble wand is setting out to do wonders with each 6 to 8 oz glass of wine.  Developed and tested by a team of scientists, one use of StiQit and sulfites are instantly removed.  Just put it in a glass, swirl it around, take it out and enjoy.  It is recommended to just use once before tossing.  However, you may be able to get away with two glasses per stick.

Retailing at just $11.00 for a pack of 4, it is a great wine accessory to enhance your wine lifestyle and to make sure you still feel your best after each sip.  Available online at, order some for yourself and as a gift for your fellow oenophile.


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