Wedding Proposal Etiquette

Wedding Proposal Etiquette

The wedding proposal is one of the special “happenings” in a couple’s life that will be forever remembered.  If you conducted a survey with married couples to inquire about their engagement, it is likely that each couple would recall the event, even down to the minute details of the marriage proposal.

The “story book” proposal involves romance and creativity and will create a fond memory that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few tips to make the proposal one to remember:

The Surprise Element.  The proposal should be a surprise, however prior discussions about your marriage should have occurred.

Tailor the occasion to correlate to her style and what would make her most comfortable and blissful.  Even though you as the groom have done all the planning and creativity surrounding the proposal, keep in mind her taste and personality.  Will she prefer an elaborate approach or simplistic flair?

Adhere to tradition by informing her parents of your intentions. This is a show of respect.  Hopefully, you have established a positive relationship and will receive their blessings.

The proposal should include a ring.  If you are unsure of her ring size and taste, make sure your purchase is with a reputable jeweler that allows exchanges.

There needs to be some degree of formality involved in the proposal. Regardless of the flair surrounding the proposal, intrigue her by dropping to one knee and asking “Will you marry me?”  Then, don’t forget to tell her why you want to marry her.

Keep the proposal intimate and private. I highly advise this.  How embarrassing it would be to have your proposal rejected in front of others. Do not make her uncomfortable by putting her on the spot to respond immediately and positively.  Marriage is a lifelong commitment and just because the relationship is great, it doesn’t mean she is ready at that moment.  Also, don’t be offended if she asks for time to consider the proposal.  Some women prefer to contemplate extremely important decisions.  Keep in mind that you have taken much time and consideration before proposing; therefore give her that same consideration.

The proposal is the beginning of many lasting memories of a couple.  Your story may be passed down from generation to generation.  During anniversary celebrations, how exhilarating it would be to reminisce or share your experience with family and close friends.

Post a comment and let me know if yours was the “Perfect Proposal.”

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