Why Doesn't Dallas Have More High-Profile Black Chefs?

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Lack of resources, being asked for drastic discounts, and oftentimes being the only one in the room. It’s hard to believe we’re talking about prominent chefs in Dallas, but according to African American chefs, that’s the reality of being a black chef in Dallas.

In 2012, the Chicago Tribune posed a question that sparked a huge debate in national food media: Where are the black chefs? “Can you name a single black chef at a major Chicago restaurant?” the Trib asked. “At any upscale restaurant?” Six years later and the visibility of black chefs is still a major discussion point. Three months ago, the Washington Post ran a high-profile trend piece asserting that, for black chefs, the fight for visibility is far from over.

When you think of top chefs in Dallas, what names come to mind? Better yet, when you think of top black chefs in Dallas, how many names come to mind? Can you name 10? Five? But why is this the case when it comes to the kitchen, a place where black people in America have been since the start?

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