Taste an Endless Summer

On any day of the week, if you venture onto Carla Crudup’s Instagram page, you will see nothing but deliciousness.  The multicultural recipe developer, who based in San Diego, first popped on our radar back in 2011 and loves creating recipes fresh and seasonal using local ingredients and often with an international flare.

This summer, she released a tasty eCookbook titled, “Taste an Endless Summer,” that offers 11 mouthwatering recipes that are very easy and versatile to make.  The best part of all is that everyone can make this summer last by going to her website and signing up to receive a complimentary copy.

We love the style of Crudup’s eCookbook that is filled with great photos and is easy to print and take wherever you go.  It comes complete with recipes that will set your lunch and dinnertime menus for at least a week. Start off with the tequila fajitas that are made with chicken and all of your favorite seasonings with a touch of tequila and served with guacamole.  The kale salad is one of our favorites with the golden raisins and a simple but delicious dressing.  We made this over the holiday weekend more than once. Her recipe for lamb burgers with a mint pesto and dill sauce will definitely be a favorite no matter what season.  Throw them on the grill or stovetop any day of the week and get a taste of the Mediterranean in your own home.

For all of you dessert lovers, don’t worry, there is something in there for you too.  The mango orange sorbet combines two of our favorite flavors together for a light and dairy-free frozen dessert that is easy to make any day of the week for any occasion.  Crudup tops it with a vegan sauce and raspberries.

Keeping with the tequila theme, no summer is complete without a cool and refreshing cocktail.  Here enters the tequila spritzer, a recipe Crudup features by Sybil Oleander of the blog, Oven Struck. Rimmed with kosher salt, after mixing five ingredients that include grapefruit, lemon-lime soda, an orange liqueur, limes and tequila, you’ll look and feel like you are on the Mexican Riviera as you and your guests sip this stylish cocktail in flutes.

We won’t give the entire eCookbook way which is why you’ll have to visit her site to get your own complimentary copy to see what else is on the menu.  To do so, head on over to www.carlacrudup.com and within minutes, you’ll be on your way to tasting an endless summer.

For more about Crudup, be sure to read our article, “Comfort Cooking with Carla Crudup.”

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