Argentina's Decopas Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc Wines

The best part about wine is that it can transport you around the world on a sensory journey simply through one glass. This time, we’re in Argentina where the locals say Decopas? or “by the glass?” to signal that Happy Hour has indeed started.

This phrase translates perfectly into the wine label Decopas which is bringing this experience to taste buds in the U.S. with its 2014 Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. Both selections are wonderfully made with fruit forward notes that complement a variety of differents bites.

This malbec is one of our favorites and comes from Mendoza, Argentina. The vibrant red notes the ripeness of the red fruit along with a dash of black pepper. The tannins are subtle allowing for the smoothness of the wine and a nice finish. It is not a hearty red and is light enough to enjoy day or night.

For white wine lovers, the sauvignon blanc is definitely on the recommendation list. It is light with floral and grapefruit notes that pair well with other citrus fruits. Milk chocolate accented with lemon or lime was one of many heavenly pairings that we tried with it. Perfect for warm summer days, enjoy this wine by itself, within a cocktail or as part of a delicious sangria.

Each retails for around $12 and can be purchased online at You can also look at your love shops that sell wine.

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