Tessemae’s Salad Dressings

If you are like us, you’re eating a delicious salad with all the works (veggies of course) at least 5 times a week. Not because you’re trying to be healthy, but because that is just what you do and it tastes good too.  Okay, all rhyming aside, the burning question after the assembly is always, “Which dressing do I want?”  Sound familiar?

Well, we have a great one to throw into the mix that will hopefully answer that question each time, Tessemae’s All Natural. Made with all natural products, all of the salad dressings and condiments appeal to a variety of diets and tastes because they are gluten, dairy and sugar-free, made with 100 olive oil, non-GMO and vegan.  Wow, a mouthful but worth it. You can tell by the waxy covering that gives the product’s personality flavor.

The flavors are both amazing and original and include Lemon Chesapeake (our absolute favorite), Cracked Pepper, Soy Ginger, and Classic French.  There is also a Balsamic and Lemon Garlic.  They all can easily be a salad dressing, marinade or sauce.  Try them on chicken and fish and listen to your taste buds sing.

Don’t stop with the dressing.  Be sure to try their other products which we can’t wait to like the Chesapeake Mayo and Matty’s BBQ Sauce.  The Wing Sauce is absolutely delicious.  Don’t just limit it to chicken wings.  We went with turkey wings and got great results.

Just take a stroll down the salad dressing aisle at your local Safeway, Whole Foods, Costco, Kroger and Wegman’s store.  Starting at around $5.99, you’ve found your new best salad dressing and condiment friend.

All Tessemae’s All Natural products are also sold online at www.tessemaes.com.

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