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12 Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow Today

by  Ebony F. on April 13, 2017

Nothing feeds the soul quite like travel. If you’re in between vacations and looking for a quick vicarious getaway, we have a great lineup of black travelers to inspire, motivate, and stimulate your wanderlust. From professional photographers and families to solo adventurers, these 12 Instagram travel accounts will inspire you to book your next flight today. 

1.  @hsimp15245

If you’re looking for beautiful post-card like, scenic views and candid, in-the-moment snapshots, Henry’s got you covered.


2. @bktraveladdict

Travel journalist and content creator Tracy Coleman curates tropical travel destinations, local culture, fun events, and great food.


3. @No___address

Always on the go, newlywed traveler and father, @No___address will awaken your inner beach dweller.


4. @stellas_out

A self described “budget adventurer,”  Stella curates spectacular, yet inexpensive excursions from her home in Koh Samui, Thailand.


5.@ _fancyfre_

A quick scroll of his Instagram page or click on his website reveals that this “average black engineer” is anything but. Alfredo Lambert puts his insatiable appetite for life on full display.


6. @slj_gone_walkabout

South Sudanese beauty and travel blogger, Sanyu shares all things travel, fashion, and vibrant living.


7. @kingronthedon

A traveling everyman, Brooklyn based media executive Rondel Holder keeps his finger on urban culture and his passport on deck.


8. @honeyandlimeco

This San Diego based mom, influencer, and family travel writer curates fun, relaxing, and super practical travel moments.


9. @rianna_gallery

This London based travel enthusiast and blogger prioritizes travel around her work schedule as she visits several new destinations each year.


10. @fab2some

Sarai and Konrad are the epitome of relationship travel goals.  With their cute travel posts, this Nairobi and London based couple live up to their Instagram name.


11.  @thepreciousmommy

Jeuelle is passionate about homeschooling, family, and travel. Check out her blog and

Instagram page for precious moments and fun family travel inspiration.


12. @the_leiover

Hawaii based globetrotter and travel photographer, @the_leiover curates the most stunning professional scenic photography. Click here to check out his gallery.


Ebony F.

Ebony F.

Ebony is a media consultant and freelance writer from the Tidewater Virginia area.

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