Black History 2019 Product Celebrations

Happy Black History Month! I’m sharing some of my favorite Black-owned products that will cure your winter blues.

Black History 2019 Product Celebrations

G Hughes Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce, Hickory

This condiment contains all the elements of a delicious BBQ sauce. The smooth tomato base features a subtle tang from the vinegar. The smokiness gives it a straight-from-the-grill taste. The hint of sweetness comes from the sucralose – a sugar substitute – without leaving an aftertaste.  Finger-licking delicious!

Retail price: $3.99
Size: 18 oz.
Available: Kroger, Target and other grocery stores nationwide

Black History 2019 Product Celebrations

Rum Island Punch Tropical Paradise

This alcoholic beverage lives up to its name. It packs a pineapple flavor reminiscent of a Bahamian cocktail. The pronounced rum pleases the palate and warms the soul like a good, fruity drink should. I’m digging it!

Retail price: $23.99
Size: 750 ml

Black History 2019 Product Celebrations

Dream Cakes New Orleans Pralines, Original

This chewy confectionary contains fresh pecans with a smooth caramel texture. The creamy goodness melts in the mouth and satisfies a sweet tooth. It brings joy to the entire family when the craving hits. Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll)

Retail price: $12 | $24
Size: 6 count | 12 count

Black History 2019 Product Celebrations

Kewi Tea Passion Punch

This sensational herbal tea awakens the aromatic loose leaves when brewed. The fruit blend adds a rich berry flavor with a tart, but not a pucker-worthy, aftertaste. The delightful punch brings back memories of the red drink without all the syrupiness and caffeine. Sip, Sip hooray!

Retail price: $10
Size: 2 oz.


Black History 2019 Product Celebrations

Sweeet Heat Spicy Homey Honey

Lip-smacking good! This savory barbecue sauce serves up a harmonious sweetness and kick – reminding me of a backyard cookout. The brown sugar dances on the tongue, but the garlic steals the show. The thick lusciousness pairs well with jumbo, angus beef franks. Bon Appétit!

Retail price: $7
Size: 12 oz.

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